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Metal foil tape die cuts

Aluminum Foil Disk Die Cuts

Dots, disks, squares, rectangles, ovals - and just about any other shape you can think of - can be made into a metal foil tape die cut.

There is a strong probability that a way to make the die cut shape you need out of an aluminum, lead or copper foil tape exists. A few options from which to choose:

Choose from the links below to get more detailed information about each of these metal tape die cut options:

NOTE: Stainless steel die cuts are not available.

Lead Foil Disk Die Cuts

Rotary die cutting

Rotary die cuts are made on a rotary press. Lined material is placed on a cardboard or plastic core, then feed through a nip roller and the die cut tool. The web (waste material) is rolled up and out of the way. The knife blade edges of the rotary die cut tool are designed to only cut the tape material, and not the liner.

So the die cuts are left on the liner, and rolled into a large roll of material. This larger roll is wound-down into shorter, more manageable roll sizes. Rotary die cutting is an excellent way to make large quantities of die cuts quickly and economically.

Overhead die cutting

Overhead die cuts are made on an overhead press. Lined material is placed on a cardboard or plastic core, then pulled under the bed of the press. The die cut is completely cut out from both the tape and liner. Overhead die cuts are often used for very large sized die cuts, that cannot be placed on a rotary press. The tooling can sometimes be less expensive, but the labor required to make them can make large quantities more costly.

There may be situations where a small quantity of metal foil tape die cuts may be less expensive to make on an overhead die cut press because of tooling cost advantages coupled with smaller quantity requirements.

Plotter die cutting

Plotter made die cuts are for very short run / small quantity metal foil die cuts, or for samples to test shapes/sizes for eventual rotary or overhead die cuts. A plotter uses a single blade with the metal foil and liner material set between several sets of motor-driven rollers. The coordinates for the shape are fed into the plotter, and the motors move the blade and material back and forth, dropping and lifting the blade at the appropriate time(s) to cut the material into the desired shape.

Plotter made die cuts are time consuming, but cost-effective if very small quantities are required. They are also an excellent method of creating custom shaped die cuts to test for eventual larger quantity runs.

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